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Workflow software for creative agencies

Manage all your projects, processes & customers for all employees in one solution.

Powerful proven workflow software

Azor is built on the rock solid fundament of FileMaker database software, trusted daily by millions of professionals.

Project software

Project software

Controle all your projects

Azor is a central point for all information related to your projects. You have direct insight into project information such as budget, profitability, budgeting, involved participants, activities and costs.

Sales CRM

Sales & CRM

Fully coordinated to your branch

All your client and contact information easy to understand. Azor supports you in assessing leads & prospects per branch, sector or sales channel. In combination with the to-do module you can schedule and check-off all sales processes.

• You can generate reports for your specific needs.
• Summary of your contact information.
• Send invoices, quotations, costs incurred.
• Generate clear sales forecasts directly.
• Make advanced selections for Direct Marketing campaigns.
• Easily send out paper or digital mails.

user-friendly software

Start today

Begin with a flying start

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You may try it free for 30 days after which you can simply purchase a license key. This allows you to keep all your information after activating the demo.

The Azor TakeOff offers a helping hand when configuring Azor. The TakeOff describes how you can customize Azor optimally for your company so that you can start right away.

Azor -
499 EUR
Projectadministratie software; Projecten, processen, klanten voor al uw medewerkers in een pakket. Download Mac & Windows Bedrijfssoftware