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Azor API

Seamless integration

Exchange data with other software applications?

Do you use Azor? There is a large chance that you are currently also using other financial applications. Hereby you can think of: Accounting packages, accountancy software, direct marketing/e-mail marketing applications or websites/web shops.
Curious about the cost of integrating Azor with a third pary? Please contact us.

Web shop linking

Orders and customer information immediately available in Azor

Azor uses existing API possibilities provided by web shop packages like Magento. APIs are specifically designed to exchange data between different software applications. Besides Magento, Azor can be integrated with other web shop packages, wondering if we support your web shop? Then please contact the support desk.

boekhoud integratie

Link with your accounting

Your accounting easily up to date

Azor offers you the possibility to exchange information in Azor with your accounting application or accountant. For example, you can think of:
• Sending invoices made in Azor to your accounting package.
• Forwarding expenses charged in Azor to your accounting package.
• Forwarding settled hours to your accounting system.
• Immediately forwarding settled subscriptions in Azor to your accounting.

MailChimp CRM

MailChimp linking

Azor CRM modules linked with E-mail Marketing

Easily send all your contacts, customers and partners a newsletter or e-mail campaign in Azor:
• You can use all your customer and CRM segments (groups) defined in Azor as the basis for an E-mail Campaign. For example, send all contacts who have purchased that product / service X from you an e-mail.
• Easily format professional e-mails with MailChimp.
• Easily synchronise your contact information with your MailChimp account.
• Automatically process unsubscribes, changes & bounces in your CRM database.

Azor API access

Develop your own link with Azor.

Through the custom web publishing engine Azor provides the ability to access data from another PHP application. FileMaker has developed the custom web publishing engine in collaboration with the company behind PHP (Zend). The FileMaker custom web publishing engine allows users to easily integrate PHP applications with Azor. Existing applications such as websites, web shops, web services can do this or you can develop custom applications based on PHP. Curious about the functionality? We would like to tell you about the options.