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Modular software

Modules that cooperate seamlessly

Projects, procedures, customers and employees. That’s what it’s all about. Data that has been captured once can be used in multiple modules. This avoids duplication and reduces the error sensitivity. Your Company is growing? Azor grows with you and is easily managed.

Azor & FileMaker

Built on a powerful and proven foundation

Azor is built in FileMaker, a powerful and proven database software that millions of professionals rely on daily, and that actually places the user central. Governments, the business and the education sector all work with FileMaker to manage all their information effortlessly in Windows, on a Mac or online.

• Globally 19 million people use a FileMaker database.
• FileMaker is a full subsidiary of Apple Inc. The world’s most wealthy Company. This means a constant and continuous development of the FileMaker product range.
• An unparalleled development tempo, projects can be run through FileMaker much more rapidly than in similar environments.
• Cross-platform, applications developed in FileMaker work directly on Mac and on Windows.

In the Cloud or on-premise

the choice is yours

Install it locally on your own server or set Azor up as cloud service: there is something to be said for both options, the choice is yours.

• Locally: Azor can be installed internally on your firewall or on your existing server environment provided it meets the conditions. This way you are the only one with full access to your data, independent of other parties.
• Cloud: You do not need to have your own server. Kempen Automation manages your database environment and regulates things like back-ups of your details automatically. Ideal if you do not technically want to manage your account. The Cloud version however does require a stable internet connection.

State-of-the-art protection

Your business information directly protected

The FileMaker Platform uses a unified security model according to the latest standards in the IT industry.
• Strong authentication. Login details are recorded in such a way that they are and remain permanently encrypted.
• Extensive rights control. You determine who sees what and which functions may be used by your employees.
• Data Transfer Encryption. Secure communication between your users and the application via SSL.

Optionally you can use:
External authentication services like LDAP/Open & Active directory
External SSL certificates issued by a Certificate Authority


Azor is the heart of your organization

Through Azor all your employees can work simultaneously on multiple projects. Employees automatically book at the right rates whereby all worked hours can be directly invoiced. Management can directly monitor the progress of all current projects and make timely adjustments when a project threatens to head South.

Azor is completely based on push, whereby users are always presented with the most recent information. Azor is the heart of your organization and store their information central. Up to 999 people can work simultaneously. The information is available to everyone. This prevents a lot of unnecessary communication and creates structure in your organization. You prevent unnecessary documentation whereby the division of labor is done via separate excel sheets and printouts.