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Monthly timesheet template

Monthly timesheet template

Advantages of using a timesheet

Whether you use Windows or Mac, you can use a monthly timesheet template to keep record of hours per employee per week, measure employee performance and identify problem areas. There are several added benefits of using a monthly timesheet template that bolster time management.

A monthly timesheet template can help you manage projects better, achieve better time management and increase productivity in a fundamental way. Timesheets are important for employers to maintain records of work done, clock in/clock out times, completion times, vacation times, sick leaves, etc.

Monthly timesheet template

Professionally designed timesheet with Azor

When the payroll and/or billing cycle is monthly, you need a monthly timesheet to record such data. During that period of time, you can record detailed data about tasks completed in a project. Information which is important when it comes to billing your clients, paying employee salaries, managing costs, tracking projects and estimating completion times, and other tasks integral to business operations.

Azor offers professionally designed monthly timesheet templates that may not only solve your time management problems. But with a little adaptation of such a template to suit the way work is done at your workplace, you will be able to bring in more productivity to the workplace.
Monthly timesheet template

Monthly timesheet template

Employee scheduling for various customers on various projects: some timesheet template modules allow you to schedule and maintain records of the different projects and clients assigned to each employee, all in one place.

Allocating project hours: you can allocate hours to be spent on a project and record it on the timesheet to be shared with employees. Compare planning and actual operations: you can view the timesheet of each employee and analyze how the planning has been implemented in operations.

Immediate billing: Having all the records of hours worked during the week on a timesheet will let you speed up the time tracking and billing process for projects. Quick task scheduling: A timesheet template will also let you quickly add tasks and name them.
Modularity: Many of the best timesheet software templates will offer separate sections on hours spent on projects, and hours spent on other activities during work hours. This separation is important, and something you should look for in a timesheet template. The sections on tracking project hours should let you quickly see the relationship between hours spent on support and hours that resulted in sales.

Creating an efficient time-sheet is the key to time management for projects. Professionally designed monthly timesheet templates will give you the launch pad to design your own. They will give you greater control over working hours and project schedules and generally make the workplace more efficient. It is highly recommended that all employers make use of a monthly timesheet template for better business.