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Project software for designers

Project software for designers

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In today's business landscape, long-term customer relationships and timely project management are more important than ever. Enter Azor, a new project management software for designers that integrates seamlessly into the modern business network.

This practical, easy-to-use workflow software provides an innovative way to communicate with clients and customers alike, and offers creative solutions for managing the projects, processes and procedures that drive business operations. Whether your business is web-based, technology driven or people-centered, Azor is the project management software that will take your business to the next level.

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Project management software for designers

Why use a product like Azor?

Making use of FileMaker database software, Azor has millions of existing users and offers a wide range of products to make project management easy. Azor's practical, easy-to-use software features take care of the organizational side of business operations, allowing managers to focus on the people and products that keep business running seamlessly.

Azor is the ideal project management software to use to enhance your business's customer relationship management, project management, invoicing, estimates and quotes, document tracking and daily timesheet monitoring. Azor will generate reports on your business operations to accurately deliver the data you need, keep important business contact information at your fingertips, keep an accurate record of invoices and costs, create sales forecasts, and even generate email templates to share important information with your clients.

Project software for designers

Project management software for designers

Azor is all about data. This project management software for designers captures business data once, and allows you to make use of all your data later in multiple modules. Versatile, reusable data means no duplication errors and more accurate reporting.

Keep all daily data in one place, and get rid of the need to switch back and forth between different programs for different aspects of the business. Employees can easily use Azor to track their hours worked, vacation days and overtime, so employee costs are easy to tabulate and keep track of as your business grows over time.

Simply attach documents, no matter how large, to the projects employees are working on to keep them all in one place, and never lose track of important attached information again. Access legal forms from various business sectors through Azor, and make your product catalog readily available to clients and employees. Draw up project invoices and deliver them to clients in a standard, accessible format, and keep project-specific costs all in one place, easy to retrieve at a later date.